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Raw Vegan Living

Making the transition to Raw living foods can come with a unique set of challenges. Learning how to let go of addictions. Feeling different when it comes to dinner. Releasing toxic emotions as we heal our bodies and start to recover from years of abuse and eating. Eating raw takes us on an inward journey and connects us with our highest version. I Rawmaste



My mission

My mission is to show as many people as I can how simple, inexpensive, and incredibly easy it can be to enjoy raw and living foods. So we can rise above all that seems wrong with the world.  

I am dedicated to helping you achieve success with this lifestyle through mindset, simple recipes, coaching, and support. 

When we cut out the cooking process we dont have as many dishes to wash. Meal preparation takes a fraction of the time. All foods are left with their enzymes and nutrients in tact, and if we eat a wide range of varieties and colors, we can be assured that we are getting everything we need nutritionally through our diet. 

When we feed our bodies what they need, we are given an abundance of energy, health and vitality.  THIS IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT!! Just like sunshine, fresh air, clean water and human connection. 

Fresh whole ripe raw and living foods are the real medecine. Let me show you how.



I have to say, you have some awesome recipes that really make me enjoy the raw food experience on a higher level. Loving all the delicious recipes so far.

Janette Toulsey

Arielle, thank you for all you do for us. Your recipes are so easy, delicious and amazing! I love all your posts. You are very inspirational to me and others.

Matt Singer

 Truly inspiring. I appreciate your knowledge and expertese when it comes to putting together raw food meals that are simple and delicious. Thankyou for creating this space for us.

Robert Jones